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"Before I met Heather, I wasn’t sleeping well, I weighed about 260 lbs, I didn’t have a whole lot of energy and some brain fog. Now, I am just under 199 lbs, I sleep 7 to 8 hours a night, I wake up feeling good and have a ton more energy throughout the day! I’m more productive and inspired on a day to day basis, all thanks to Heather!

"Heather truly cares. She takes the time to really dig in and get to know her clients. Her goal is to solve your issue, not just throw a bandaid on it, I highly recommend Heather for anyone where the doctor says "tests are normal..." and you respond with , "but I feel like crap!""

"You really have been so very helpful Heather, more than any other person/health practitioner I've ever worked with. "

"Heather is a qualified wellness coach with personal experience getting your body in top health! She is compassionate and attentive to her clients' needs and individual health issues. Reach out to Heather to get started on your optimal health journey!"

"Heather can help you zero in on what is causing inflammation in your body and help you to discover and modify your diet, sleep, emotional and stress patterns that keep you from achieving great health! As she says, "Test, don't guess"."

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Order your Functional labs

Want to digger into why you are tired all the time, or in pain? Start with ordering your Functional labs and start finding the answers you have been searching for! 

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition


FDN® is a model of self-care vs. the medical model of disease care. Through lab testing, we find malfunctions that are often overlooked by the medical model.

Specialized Testing


This is not a one size fits all program. Lab tests help us determine where adjustments in your diet can be made.  When hidden stress factors are removed, miraculous things can happen.

Get your life back! Become the Boss of your health journey  

Tired of feeling tired, want to address your embarrassing digestive issues, conquer your brain fog and lessen your chronic pain naturally?  I help busy professionals with Autoimmune and Lyme do just that so they can get back to having a productive, joy-filled life! 

Functional Lab TEsts 

Hello, I am Heather Gray FDN-P AKA Lyme Boss. I offer several ways to work with you to achieve your body's maximum potential. Through Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, laboratory testing, and expert guidance, we put together the perfect individualized plan involving diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction, and supplements.

Tired of Being Tired 

Do you have a good night's rest only to feel zapped the next day?

 Would you like to address your embarrassing digestive issues like bloating, gas and constipation?

 Would you like to have some relief from your chronic pain and brain fog?

 With the right testing and program, all of that can happen!!